The development of the modern world has put us in a place where we ask ourselves: should we stay with what we are used to or would it be better for us to evolve as the times are changing?

According to, This is really an important question for all of us, especially so, for those who are in the industry of printing labels. Doing this is more than just a job for most people; it is their passion. Talents and skills come with it. And often, there is only one ultimate goal: to produce high-quality products.

What is there to consider though? Is the comparison between the two be more on theory and less realistic? NO. That shouldn’t be the case. Read on and find out which suits you and your style better.

Factors to Consider:

  1. Cost

Be practical. As much as you want the better one of these two, you would also want to be informed of the possible price range of your choices. So, to answer your question, a liter of inkjet ink which is used for digital art really costs a bit more expensive than that of the conventional one.

  1. Speed

Apparently, the speed of printing labels for digital print is a bit slower than that of the conventional one. This may be due to the additional features of a digital printer, which can actually enhance the labels that are being printed.

  1. Quality

When it comes to quality, digital printing may just as well show off its capabilities. Bearing in mind that this kind of machine has been created, it would then be realized that the same should not be taken for granted. It is made available and it should be used inasmuch as more people would be able to explore it.

  1. Accessibility

This category somehow depends on you, as the user. If you are tech-savvy, you would not have too much of a hard time with digital printing. It has some somewhat even more advanced settings and features in order to produce a piece of artwork.

However, if you are not tech-savvy, then you might want to stick with your conventional label printing. At least, you may have grown older with your conventional style and the same can never be deprived of you. You always have a say as to what you would prefer.

  1. Market Demandability

In order for you to be a challenging competitor in your surroundings, market demandability can be observed. This is when you will need to identify the methods used by other companies that provide label printing. You can see the difference in quality between the conventional way and digital printing.

So, for you to determine and finally decide whether you will go and try digital printing or just stick with the conventional one, you better be able to read the considerations listed in this article. You can compare the pros and cons and finally arrive at a favorable decision for yourself.

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