On-trend fashion doesn’t always have to be slick and classy. Sometimes, the best way to go is to go casual. Custom t shirts have always been a part of the world’s fashion history. It can be worn by anyone of all ages from all walks of life without feeling conscious and odd.

T-shirts are basic—but made-in-Canada ones are a bit over the top and you might want to check them out!

18 Waits

This brand is known for providing artistic graphic t-shirts for as low as $80! Designs are modern and low-key elegant. While on sale, you can avail one for just half the price!


There are a lot of tee choices for this brand but may want to try their Olive Slub S/S Henley out! Its fabric was meticulously knitted in Scarborough and its olive green color makes it look light and peaceful. This shirt is for unisex use and is also available for XXXL sizes.

Elisa C-Rossow

This brand’s Knit MS5 women’s t-shirt series is so chic and elegant. Its minimalist design pops up on about every type of bottom wear—jeans, skirts, leggings—there is! This meticulously made shirt can be purchased for $375 at any Elisa C-Rossow department and online stores.


This brand is known for giving t-shirts unique designs and new styles. Their collection of women’s tee varies in designs and colors. One thing they have in common is that they’re all available in free size and the t-shirt structure itself isn’t ordinary—theirs has oversizes necklines and arm openings.


Priory’s Lose Tie Tee which is currently available for $407, is a big hit to teens and young women. It is oversized and has a very chic minimalist design. It pure lightweight and textured linen which is comfortable and hypoallergenic for all skin types.


Lloyd’s recently introduced Linen Cropped T-Shirt is a free size blouse for women and is made of 100% linen fabric. These shirts are limited edition and are handmade-to-order. Its design has an oversized crop waist opening and normal sized linings fro neck and arm openings.


This t-shirt brand is known for giving handsome t-shirt designs that have always been a hit to the masses during summertime. One of their bestsellers is the Block Party Tie Dye shirt which comes in all sizes—from children’s to adults’.


For chic t-shirt choices, you can check out Laura stores for their collection. We recommend the Asymmetric Leaf Print Blouse for summer outfits. It is available for large American sizes and can be availed for as low as $78.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to fashion and t-shirts, for this matter. Canada has a wide variety of brands that cater to specific customer preferences, whether they’re custom t-shirts or mass-produced. There are a lot of different designs that are applicable to any occasion.

Above all the things that you need to remember upon choosing the right outfit, don’t forget that comfort should always come before style.

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