Even though studies are ongoing, it is perceived that low levels of testosterone can affect the decisions we make in terms of economics. This effect can appear more prominently in males than in females. Users have found that the best over the counter testosterone booster can help boost testosterone levels much faster than engaging in exercises, getting vitamin D, eating appropriately, and reducing alcohol consumption. In every economic uncertainty, people tend to take a financial risk by coming up with a strategic decision. You can read further for a better understanding.

Definition of Economic Risk Taking

Risk-taking is brought about when you have numerous outcomes that can help you reach a particular desire. In most cases, some of the outcomes may lead to undesired results, which in this case leads to economic effects.

The decision-maker may be given a risky or safe alternative to choose from. If they opt for a risk-free alternative, then it means that the individual prefers giving up money just to prevent risk. On the other hand, a risky alternative makes the individual pay money whilst keeping in mind that there may be a slight probability of success.

Testosterone and Financial Risk Taking

When testosterone is secreted, it tends to bind with large plasma proteins, that is, corticoid or sex-hormone binding globulin. This process prevents testosterone from going through the brain, which later inhibits how much blood reaches the brain. At some point, the blood levels may increase thereby saturating the carrier globulin. As a result, this creates an entry for testosterone to access the brain, thus causing disproportional and influencing the decisions we make.

During recent studies, it was shown that most stock market traders tend to acquire higher profits when their level of testosterone is above the normal median level. Just like sexuality, higher levels of testosterone will have more effect, meaning that decision-makers will opt for the risky alternative. But even though men have more testosterone than women, it is probable that this evidence will affect both sexes.

Natural Ways That Help Boost Testosterone Levels


The most common and effective method for increasing testosterone is engaging in frequent and intense exercises. This can include resistance or enduring training;

Eat appropriate foods

Factually, consuming foods rich in fat, carbs, or proteins can help boost this hormone. However, avoid overeating or frequent dieting since it can disrupt levels of testosterone. To be precise, a nutritious and well-rounded diet will be more effective.

Avoid stress-related topics

Stressful activities or topics can lead to high cortisol, which can rapidly reduce testosterone. Therefore, try to avoid stress by getting enough rest, keeping your body active, and engaging in stress-relieving activities.

Try to stay away from estrogen-like chemicals

Exposing yourself to high estrogen-like chemicals can also affect testosterone levels. For this reason, avoid frequent exposure to some chemicals found in plastics.

It is an interesting finding to know that testosterone levels can affect our financial risk-taking. So, such decisions will either have a risky or rewarding consequence depending on the role and level of testosterone.

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