We believe that Canada’s economic progress and modernization can be propelled by refining very skillful, knowledgeable, and inspired digital/ICT human resources. ICTR aims to simplify delicate proficiencies and excellence, boost technology skill and literacy by giving informative courses both for the younger generation and older people, and enhance what they’ve learned which can be useful for their careers through our teachers complete with tools and knowledge.

We can achieve this with our partners from Canada’s education department, government, and non-profit organizations.

Educators and Students


In collaboration with the CyberPatriot Program of the US Air Force Association with their representative, the Northrop Grumman Foundation, ICTR used CyberTitan to prepare junior high and secondary students for the web economy by holding a yearly cybersecurity skills contest in accordance with the initiative of the Canada’s education sector.

This partnership enhances the knowledge in digital education as well as the learning skills and superiority of students whose ambition is to work in cybersecurity or other STEM disciplines.

Focus on Information Technology (FIT)

FIT educates students with ICT connected training programs that are specifically given in their secondary education years. These provide a beneficial real-life outlook to business and technology by giving students the chance to communicate with experts from various industries and enlighten them with information that can be substantive to success.


ICTR’s DigitalYouth program will gear up not just the students but also the teachers with the chance to be involved in investigative educational activities that can give them opportunities for a successful digital career. The program is an 18-month course given only to grade 6 to 12 students.


Focus on IT (FIT) Program

Our FIT program is continuous learning pathway of post-secondary courses for students who are attaining business and technology proficiencies in addition to the crucial technology specialties in secondary education.

Industry-Education Partnerships

Looking to establish or improve your courses with the assistance and participation industry experts and related proficiencies? Do you want to team up with ICTR on education and skill courses? If so, please get in touch with ICTR specialists.

Career Connect

This policy offers support to companies that are willing to hire ICT alumni as they begin searching for jobs, giving them significant industry knowledge and skills. This program is only available in Ottawa, Ontario.

Work-Integrated Learning Program

This program is for post-secondary students all over Canada that will strengthen the cooperation between post-secondary education (PSE) organisations and employers to generate more work-integrated education settlements for them. It is concentrated on jobs that deal with business and STEM or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.