In preparation to attaining digital careers, DigitalYouth makes educational courses for the millennials. We generate prospects and serve to assist them with the growth of their digital skills with the help of our professors and professional associates.

ICTR’s digital educational campaigns and informative opportunities both inside and outside the classroom are planned to expand the understanding of the youth about technology and its usage on our daily life.

e-Talent Portal

This is a specialised web-based interactive chart that will allow Canadians to know the labour market dynamics. The portal gives ICTR career trends and data regarding the current in-demand jobs, employers, salary rates, demographic profiling, educational organizations, and other essential factors to fulfill the business demands in all administrative divisions.

The e-Talent Portal can help find the exact talent needed in growing a business while maintaining a substantial advantage. In addition, it is a vital and reliable source of job opportunities for newcomers and experts.

Educator Hub

It is a sub-tool in the DigitalYouth website where you can share stories, gain support, and discover resources. In here, you can access our beneficial FIT and MyFIT development courses and learn the process of becoming an affiliating school.

My Career Map

This tool can help you have a successful profession in digital space. Since My Career Map is a self-evaluating tool, it can tell your strong points and weaknesses that you need to improve on.

It also contains tips on how to properly execute your resumé, job interview, and workplace communication. Plus, this tool gives data on regional current trends in the labour market that can boost your competitive egde.

ICTR’s Workshops Online

Aside from being the source of vital information about being employed in Canada to Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs), this eLearning tool also provides individuals with knowledge on immigration to Canada and the qualifications for such an employment.

With its helpful educational programs, using it can improve your abilities at work, business, technical and communication. This is an essential tool which is useful for interested individuals from outside of Canada who are planning to land employment in the country.