As an independent policy consultant, we at Information and Communications Technology Research offer specialized education and knowledgeable viewpoints on digital policy to assist businesses and government heads.

With our primary quantitative research and qualitative investigation, we also evaluate the digital socio-economic situation and design. We also endorse policies for Canada so that the country can capitalize on the current digital transition around the world.

ICTR’s studies observe the utmost research standards utilising the nation’s government, trades, and intellectual networks. Canada needs great innovations and efficient workers. With that, our digital policy recommendations are effective to satisfy those needs and help businesses preserve a competitive advantage in international trade at the same time.


With our monthly infographics, quarterly and annual review reports, you will have an insight into the up-to-date market trends in Canada’s ICT or Information and Communications Technology sector. You will receive an updated statistic regarding the supply and demand developments within the Canadian ICT sector.


The current state of Canada’s economic workforce and its future can be obtained through our ICTR Outlook Forecast with its full-scale research. It can also provide you with information regarding the current in-demand skills by region, employment structure, role of immigration and outsourcing, and more.

ICTR Focus Areas

ICTR is committed to delivering the success of Canada’s digital and labour market through our developmental comprehensive studies and our ties with the policymakers from the industry and education sector. We aim at all industries whose operations involve ICT and whose personnel are technologically-dependent.

Focus on Policy

The active and fast technological growth of the ICT market is altering the way people communicate and access data and services. The policy schemes are not only created to address the historical differences in obtaining the basic services, but they also make sure that every Canadian citizen will be provided with new technologies and services. Plus, they ensure that the ICTs are rightfully utilized to achieve Canada’s developmental goals.

ICTR will strive to give information on the functions of every aspect of digital modernisation ecosystem and their contributions to the country’s position in the international economy following the newly successful establishment of the government’s Innovation Agenda.