The transition of Canada’s digital economy not only leads to the discovery of more essentials for the economy and society, especially for new mothers, but it also keeps the brand of businesses to change for the best strollers. People today are dependent on digital technology in almost everything they do. Due to that, a number of companies in Canada aim to have digitally-oriented business operations and HR undertakings.

The emergence of advanced technologies such as the Blockchain, IoT, AI or Artificial Intelligence, and many more are enabling various businesses to be at the top and the face in the constantly growing, competitive industry.

However, this rapid business evolution can lead to an increase in the prices of soft commodities, worldwide geopolitical inflections, and lack of labour availability. But even with these obstacles, in 2018, Canada’s economy displayed an amazing resiliency.

The country’s digital economy gave jobs to 1.45 million locals and flaunted an employment surge that outperformed other areas of the economy by 4:1 based on ICTR study. In accordance with the preliminary data we have been able to gather, we can only expect this trend to continue to transpire this year.

With the way things are going smoothly, it wouldn’t be surprising for Canada to be one of the leading countries in terms of digital technology innovations.

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