With the financial support coming from the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program, The Information and Communications Technology Research proudly presents an investigative initiative that will explore how modernisation and hi-tech cities are uncovering the economic and employment expansion potentials all over the country.

This is started by having the main goal great cookware and giving the concentration on the job trends and skills needed for the Canadian workers in the upcoming years. The investigation comes with a careful analysis of the crucial components to achieve the development of a smart city with the applications of Artificial Intelligence, 5G mobile IoT, and Blockchain.

It also addresses top priority business aspects like having green energy, smart infrastructure, and mobility. ICTR’s efforts will reveal the effects of these growths on employment and skills demand in all cities of Canada and navigational labours into a well-prepared digital future.

ICTR will highlight the much-needed careers in Canada’s advanced cities. We will distinguish the key skills to have for the future employment positions and also for outcast or unprotected job labourers.

We will be generating career pathways to every Canadian citizen in low and high-skilled digital jobs with the objective of reinforcing the involvement in this expanding digital economy. This work will stimulate country-wide discussions, main exploration, and will reveal the results within the acknowledgment programs, dynamic job heatmap, and competencies.

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